Some of the Toy Fox Terrier Kennels' dogs.

We breed only the top quality of Toy Fox Terriers. All Toy Fox Terrier Kennels' litters are registered in U.K.C (Purple Ribbon) and all parents are tested before breeding. We have tri-color and white & tan dogs in our kennel.

All our dogs are registered in the United Kennel Club and all are eligable for registration with American Kennel Club.

Toy Fox Terrier Kennels is the only European member of the higly appreciated National Toy Fox Terrier Association.

'PR' Dunkel's Pipari of Phoenix

Choosing a Toy Fox Terrier         
The long-time American favorite for companionship, the Toy Fox Terrier continues to be the dog of choice for countless dog lovers around the world. Whether spending his days in the field, in the show ring or on his owner’s lap, the Toy Fox makes a cherished, rewarding pet for many owners. Adaptable, intelligent and hardy, this toy and terrier is as courageous and game as he is sweet and beguiling. For a family looking for an active toy dog who is easy to train and easier to love, the Toy Fox Terrier is a sure-fire bet.

'PR' Dunkel's ToyAcres Lady Patti of Phoenix
ja 'PR' Dunkel's Mignetin A.Pirkkalainen.

When choosing a Toy Fox Terrier, it is important to consider the dependability of the breeder and the ancestry of the dogs offered for sale. It is to your advantage to visit the breeder so that you may examine dogs for sale as well as his breeding stock. If you cannot visit the breeder, questions should be asked concerning ancestors, colors, probable weight at maturity, and qualities of the sire and dam.

'PR' Dunkel's Mignetin A.Pirkkalainen

Also be sure the dog is registered with the United Kennel Club so that you may transfer the dog's ownership into your name and U.K.C. records. You may note a 'PR' (Purple Ribbon-Bred) before your dog's name on his papers. This designation is a guarantee of reported pure breeding that at least all of the dogs of the last six generations (128 dogs), are on file with U.K.C. All Toy Fox Terrier pups eligible today for U K.C. registration are 'PR' bred.

All of the Toy Fox Terrier Kennels' dogs are excellent working dogs. Most of our dogs are also trained for Weightpulling. Here's 'PR' Dunkel's Pipari of Phoenix.

If you are planning on getting yourself a Toy Fox Terrier, make shure of the following:

the pup is 100 % healthy
• the breeder will guarantee the pup in some way
• the litter is registered in the U.K.C.
• the pups parents are 100 % healthy.

In the Toy Fox Terrier Kennels we provide all of the things mentioned above for the dog buyer, plus a whole lot more:

the pup is 100 % healthy, checked officially by veterinary
• medical record
the pups parents are 100 % healthy
• the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel will give a 6 months health guarantee for the pup (barring accidents, of course)
• the pup is registered in the U.K.C (Purple Ribbon)
, and the papers and the pedigree will arrive directly to the new owner via mail
• the puppy is microchipped
• a infopackage of the Toy Fox Terrier
• a very large info-package of the recommended diet of the Toy Fox Terrier and the Toy Fox Terrier breed
• a bag of pup food, Royal Canin Mini Puppy (available if you pick up the puppy from us)
• deworming medication needed in the near future
• the pup is vaccinated against the Parvo-virus at the age of 7 weeks
• an official EU passport for dogs, including info about vaccinations, ID-markings, etc.
• the official t-shirt of the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel
• the official bag of the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel
• a puppy-collar for the Toy Fox Terrier
• a puppy-leach for the Toy Fox Terrier
• a puppy crate for the puppy, so the puppy can travel safely into his/her new home, including a soft blanket
• a lovely soft nest for the puppy, where the puppy can safely and comfortably sleep in his/her new home (available if you pick up the puppy from us)
• a lot of necessary stuff for the puppy, like bowls for food and water made from stainless steel, a toothbrush, nail clipper, lots of toys, lots of bones, lots of googies, poop bags, etc.
• one (1) year membership in SATHY ry., which is the best working dog association in Europe (available only for Finnish buyers)
• a lot of support for the new dogowner, we wish to and want to keep in touch in the future too.


'PR' Dunkel's Pipari of Phoenix (left) and
'PR' Dunkel's Rocktalk Nell of Phoenix (right)
The Toy Fox Terrier is first are foremost a working dog.
In the Toy Fox Terrier Kennels we firmly feel that TFT's are the perfect pet for today's active family's lifestyle since they love children, travel, and get along well with other pets.
Our dogs are all Champion, National Champion, and National Grand Champion bloodlines and our puppies are "home raised" to insure that they are "special" from the very beginning!
Most of the dogs that we have in our kennel are from a line developed from the Eliza Hopkins dogs combined with the old Parks line and Toy Acres. Those that are smaller in stature are very compact & heavy boned and the larger dogs have heavy bone. They have been bred with the ideal of the working Terrier. Toy Fox Terrier Kennels' dogs compete in weight pull and we need dogs with enough weight & substance to be able to start a heavy cart from a dead stop and this takes a certain type of structure.

'PR' Holmberg's Benjamin of Phoenix

Reliable breeders will not misrepresent their stock and thus jeopardize their reputations. The assurance that a puppy will mature as a show specimen or mature at an exact size cannot be made by a breeder. A purchaser should not expect this type of assurance. Any problems that arise with a new puppy or dog should be reported to the breeder immediately.


Some of the Toy Fox Terrier Kennels' dogs eating.

There are health problems with every breed. However the TFT is bred mainly by it's character, not by it looks, so it is generally taken a lot healthier than many other breeds.
In our kennel we take great pride in our dogs excellent health. We would never breed on any dogs, who might have even some slightest problems with their health. However we have not had any health problems with our dogs at all.

These tiny terriers are intelligent and love to be with the family, remaining playful all of their lives. They enjoy company and trips in the car. However, they are excellent watchdogs and never relax from overseeing their homes.


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