Before buying any dog concider carefully the following aspects
• Are you ready to spend the next 10 - 15 years partly or totally with a pet depending 100 % of you? This means that you have to take the dog for a walk every single day, three times a day. You have to take care of the dog, take it to the vet when it needs. You also have to plan where to put the dog on your holidays, business trips, etc. You have to take care of your four legged friend as you take care of a smal child (not always, thou).
• Are you capable of having a dog? The relationship between the owner and the dog bases on the mutual friendship. You can't learn this from books, you have to love your dog.
• Do you have the practical side under control? How does your landlord take the pet? Or the neighbours? Do you have your economy in such balance that you'll handle the cost of the new family member? Do you have enough time?

If you feel like everything is okay for getting a dog - then go right ahead! You never have to regret getting a dog, it's a life style, a friend. And if you feel that the Toy Fox Terrier is the breed for you then you have made the top choise! This is the elite force of the dog breeds!

Good hints before buying a Toy Fox Terrier
Keep in mind the following topics: The Toy Fox Terrier is a pure bred, often linebred, working dog breed. Always demand the registration papers. Buy a healthy, sound, dog. The breeder is responsible for the pup's health but often it's impossible to correct the problems afterwards. Demand the full health check of the parents.

'PR' Holmberg's Benjamin of Phoenix

How to proceed when buying a Toy Fox Terrier?
1. Concider carefully what's your capability is to get a new pet.
2. Check out different breeds, keep your eyes open. Read as much as you find about the breed but interview also those who already have a dog representing the breed of your interest. What comes to Toy Fox Terriers, you're always welcome to visit the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel.
3. If it looks like the TFT is the breed for you - contact us, the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel. Even if we wouldn't have a pup of your interest for the moment, we'll be happy to search one for you. Use our experience - it doesn't cost you anything. It's imporant with a rare breed like the TFT that we work together for the same goal! It's very important that you get the best possible pup.
4. Come and visit us, you'll see adult dogs and pups! Welcome.

'PR' Dunkel's Pikkolo of Phoenix and 'PR' Dunkel's Mignetin A.Pirkkalainen

Toy Fox Terrier puppy arrives into new home
When your very new toy fox terrier puppy arrives to it’s new home - to you, prepare yourself for a small, happy, energetic terrier. It will eat, sleep, play, chew, bark, lear, pee, and all those things that small dogs tend to do. From the very first day you should remember that this puppy is a dog, and you need to set the standards right from the very first day. For example if you don’t want the puppy to sleep in bed with you, you can not let the puppy into bed ever.
But it goes without saying that you need to give a lot of love and affection to the new puppy!

Before the puppy arrives, you should have ready at home the following:
• Food. We prefer Royal Canin Mini Puppy-kibbles + raw minced meat, raw chicken legs, some milk products etc. For more info please read through our Feeding instructions for a Toy Fox Terrier pup.
If you pick up the puppy from us, we will provide you with a 1 kg bag of Royal Canin Mini Puppy-kibbles. If the pup is shipped to you, please buy the kibbles yourself.
• Food and water bowls. These should be made out of stainless steel. Dogs can be allergic to plastic bowls and puppies will chew them. Therefore always prefer stainless steel.
• Place to sleep. This should be placed in somewhere peacefull, so that puppy can go there and get rest whenever he/she needs it.
If you pick up the puppy from us, we will provide you with a lovely soft nest. If the pup is shipped to you, please buy one yourself.
• A few toys. Good toys for the puppy are balls, fake mice (made for cats), Kong-toys, old socks, etc. The toys need to be big enough so that the puppy can not swallow them and hard enough so that the puppy can not bite bites out of them.
If you pick up the puppy from us, we will provide you with a few toys. If the pup is shipped to you, please buy some yourself.
• Small chewy bones. Make sure that these are made for small dogs and preferably made for puppies. If you pick up the puppy from us, we will provide you with some chewy bones. If the pup is shipped to you, please buy some yourself.

'PR' Dunkel's Pikkolo of Phoenix

In the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel we have a lot to offer for the new pup owner. We will provide you with the following:
the pup is 100 % healthy, checked officially by veterinary
• medical record
the pups parents are 100 % healthy
• the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel will give a 6 months health guarantee for the pup (barring accidents, of course)
• the pup is registered in the U.K.C (Purple Ribbon)
, and the papers and the pedigree will arrive directly to the new owner via mail
• the pup is tested for temperament by Dr. William E. Campbell test. The temperament test includes testing for social attraction, following, response to obligation, social control and raising resistance.
• the puppy is microchipped
• a infopackage of the Toy Fox Terrier
• a very large info-package of the recommended diet of the Toy Fox Terrier and the Toy Fox Terrier breed
• a bag of pup food (available if you pick up the puppy from us)
• deworming medication needed in the near future
• the pup is vaccinated against the Parvo-virus at the age of 7 weeks
• an official EU passport for dogs, including info about vaccinations, ID-markings, etc.
• a puppy-collar for the Toy Fox Terrier
• a puppy-leach for the Toy Fox Terrier

• a puppy crate for the puppy, so the puppy can travel safely into his/her new home, including a soft blanket
• a lovely soft nest for the puppy, where the puppy can safely and comfortably sleep in his/her new home (available if you pick up the puppy from us)
• a lot of necessary stuff for the puppy, like bowls for food and water made from stainless steel, a toothbrush, nail clipper, lots of toys, lots of bones, lots of googies, poop bags, etc.
• a lot of support for the new dogowner, we wish to and want to keep in touch in the future too.

'PR' Dunkel's Curly

The puppy arrives
When the puppy comes home, please let him/her make the tour and check out all of the places that he/she is allowed to enter.
Show the puppy the place to sleep, place to eat & drink, etc.

Take the puppy outside always right after he/she has eaten. The puppy will want to pee and poop right after the meal, so this way he/she will get used to make business outside.

Socialize the puppy as much as possible as young as possible. Get him/her used to people, children, animals (but make sure that vaccinations are in order before this), travel in car, etc. The more the puppy has seen, the more selfsure he/she will become as an adult dog.

For the first days and night the puppy might miss his/her home, dam, friends, etc. but this will pass. For the first nights you might want to visit the puppy if he/she cries and comfort him/her. Remember that you and your family and now the puppies best friends.
The most important thing is to gove a lot of love and affection for the new puppy. Always remember to be his/her best friend!

When travelling with your puppy, always make sure that he/she is travelling in it’s box. This is the most safe place for the puppy to travel. The puppy is already used to be inside the box, as we have one travel box inside the puppy room and puppies like to sleep in there.
Your puppy will get his/her first box from our kennel.
Remember that during Summer time you should not leave the dog in the car, not even for a bit. The car is way too hot for the small dog.

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With small dogs, such as the Toy Fox Terrier, you should always be very carefull. This small dogs might get step over, left under, dropped, etc. and these accidents will most likely lead to fatal injuries. Therefore be very carefull.
Remember that if you lift your dog somewhere up, always also lift the dog down, don’t ever let him/her jump down bu himself. This is true even if the dog is an adult.
Most accidents that lead to fatal injuries, happen usually before the dog is 6 months old.

Teeth and dental care
The key to healthy teeth and gums is good food and dental care.
Let the dog eat raw chicken bones to prevent teeth and gum problems. Brush the dogs teeth every single day with a toothbrush.
This way you can prevent most of the teeth problems that are common to small dogs.
When the dogs teeth begin to chance at the age of 4-8 months, be sure you know what’s happening in the mouth. Check out the dental situation on a daily bases, as you brush the dogs teeth. If the non-permanent teeth will not drop off by themselves, ask for assistance from your veterinarian. He might have to pull the teeth out, if they do not drop off by themselves. This teeth pulling should happen before the dog is 6 months old, as othervice there might be developing some missbiting. Please ask for more info from your own vet, or from us.

Clipping the nails
The puppy is used to weekly manicures in our kennel - please continue this on a weekly bases. The nail clipping might turn into something diabolic, if you do not make sure that the dog is used to this, from the very beginning. If you pick up the puppy from us, we will provide you with a nail clipping tongues. If the pup is shipped to you, please buy one yourself. Cleaning the ears
Check the puppy’s ears twice a month. If they need cleaning, be very carefull. If you have no idea on how to clean to dogs ears, ask for assistance from your vet or contact us.

PR' Dunkel's Mignetin A.Pirkkalainen

Cleaning the eyes
Clean the skin under the eyes on a daily bases. At the same time, check that the eyes are clean and healthy. If you see some problems with the eyes, contact your vet asap.

You should de-worm your dog from time to time. De-worm your dog ar least twice a year, after Winter and after Summer. Always also de-worm your dog one week before vaccinations. Plus de-worm your dog every time you suspect that he/she might carry worms. If you pick up the puppy from us, we will provide you with de-worming medicine for puppies. If the pup is shipped to you, please buy some yourself.
Also if you have dogs at home, de-worm them all before the new puppy arrives.

The puppie has been vaccinated against Parvo at the age of 7 weeks.
Please contact your veterinary for the vaccination program in your Country, and follow it.
The puppie will get an official EU-passport for animals from us, before travelling. Make sure that you keep this passport with you when you visit your vet, so that all of the vaccinations etc. are always up to date marked in the EU-passport.

Remember that whevever you have any questions at all about your puppy, the wellbeing of the puppy, etc. you can always contact us!


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