toy fox terrier


All Toy Fox Terrier Kennels' litters are registered in U.K.C (Purple Ribbon) and all parents are tested before breeding.

All the dogs that are used in breeding are tested for both health and temperament. Only 100 % healthy dogs are used in our breeding program. The puppy prices depends on the sex and the color. The non-refundable reservation payment is 500 € and this payment is part of the puppy price. The price of the puppy varies - ask for the total price!

The pups will be given to new homes:
• at the age of 8 - 10 weeks
• registered
• officially health checked by veterinary
• vaccinated against Parvo-virus
• with official EU passport for dogs
• dewormed
• microchipped
• with 6 months health quarantee.

NOTE! If the puppy is shipped into his/hers new home, read more info from here >>

toy fox terrier


We have some very high quality & excellent Toy Fox Terrier litters planned for 2023. For more info, please send email or call +358 45 630 4345 (English) or call +358 45 636 0596 (English & Swedish).

You can also send Text message or WhatsApp message or Telegram message: +358 45 630 4345.

You can also check out our more specific litter-plans from our Finnish website >>

toy fox terrier

In the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel we have a lot to offer for the new pup owner. We will provide you with the following:
the pup is 100 % healthy, checked officially by veterinary
• medical record
the pups parents are 100 % healthy
• the Toy Fox Terrier Kennel will give a 6 months health guarantee for the pup (barring accidents, of course)
• the pup is registered in the U.K.C (Purple Ribbon)
, and the papers and the pedigree will arrive directly to the new owner via mail
• the puppy is microchipped
• a infopackage of the Toy Fox Terrier, in English
• a very large info-package of the recommended diet of the Toy Fox Terrier and the Toy Fox Terrier breed, in English
• a bag of pup food (available if you pick up the puppy from us)
• deworming medication needed in the near future
• the pup is vaccinated against the Parvo-virus at the age of 7 weeks
• a vaccination card OR if necessary, an official EU passport for dogs, including info about vaccinations, ID-markings, etc.
• a puppy-collar for the Toy Fox Terrier
• a puppy-leach for the Toy Fox Terrier
• a puppy crate for the puppy, so the puppy can travel safely into his/her new home, including a soft blanket
• a lovely soft nest for the puppy, where the puppy can safely and comfortably sleep in his/her new home (available if you pick up the puppy from us)
• a lot of necessary stuff for the puppy, like bowls for food and water made from stainless steel, a toothbrush, nail clipper, lots of toys, lots of bones, lots of googies, poop bags, etc.
• one (1) year membership in ETFTA ry., the European Toy Fox Terrier Association (available only for Finnish buyers)
• a lot of support for the new dogowner, we wish to and want to keep in touch in the future too.

Call now and ask for more details! Phone +358 45 630 4345 / +358 45 636 0596.


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